Take Me Out To The Ball Game, But I’ll Need A Loan First
I'm going on vacation this week. I can't wait to relax and recharge. I'm not going on a lavish vacation. In fact, I'm not going far.
I'm going to go see the City of Chicago come together for the Crosstown Classic. The World Champion Chicago Cubs take on the Chicago White Sox …
Cubs Selling 2016 Ivy from Wrigley Field
A billion dollars in World Series memorabilia wasn't enough for the Rickett's family. Now the Cubs are selling a limited edition of 2,016 pieces of ivy from the outfield wall at Wrigley Field.
The leaves were supposedly meticulously picked from the wall after the Cubs won the World Series i…
New Lights at Modern Woodmen Park
"If you build it they will come," according to 'the voice' in Field of Dreams. Having decent lighting so "they" can see once they get there is a good idea too.
All week, crews have been working to install new LED lighting at Modern Woodmen Park...
Get a Swing of the Quad Cities Cap
While we sometimes drop the ball on protecting our architectural history, it seems we embrace nostalgia when it comes to sports.
One item of Quad Cities sports memorabilia can be found for sale on Minor League Baseball's website.
For a limited time you can score the infamous 'Swing of t…
See How The Cubs World Series Rings Were Made
For the fans, a championship is symbolized by the trophy. The Lombardi Trophy in football, the Stanley Cup in hockey, the O'Brien Trophy in basketball, and the Commissioner's Trophy in baseball.
For the players, their part in a championship is symbolized by the ring...
Bandits Win Opener
DAVENPORT — Taylor Jones's "excited energy" helped the Quad-Cities River Bandits win the season-opener.
Jones, who also homered in the 2016 season-opener, homered in the fourth inning on Thursday in a 3-0 win over the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers...
Bandits, LumberKings start season today
While the weather may not feel like it, the Minor League Baseball season starts today with the Quad-Cities River Bandits being at home and the Clinton LumberKings are on the road at Kane County.
The River Bandits open tonight against Wisconsin, and their starting pitcher for Opening Day is Hector Per…
Colby Lopez Meets with Media
Colby Lopez (also known as WWE superstar Seth Rollins) says he visits the area on a weekly basis, but he took time out of his schedule to meet with the media.
Lopez did talk some about his latest feats in his WWE career, but his main objective was to discuss the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy whic…

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