Like tens of thousands of other people, I went to TPC Deere Run this morning to get an up-close look at one of my favorite actors/comedians Bill Murray.

I figured It'd be cool enough to be close to him and maybe I could get a picture with him if I was really lucky.

I didn't get the picture, but I did get something WAY cooler!

On the 2nd hole, Bill hit his tee shot into the weeds.

This happened to be right where I was standing, and one of the tournament officials asked if I'd help look for the ball!

So as I'm digging through the weeds, I hear a voice behind me.

"You find it yet? I'm playing a Callaway."

I turn around and there's BILL MURRAY asking ME if I've found his golf ball!

We both dug for another minute or so with no luck.  He left before the shock wore off and I could even think to ask him for a picture.

Still, that was one of the COOLEST moments of my life!