Yesterday morning, Luke Ridnour woke up as a member of the Orlando Magic.  Today, he's a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A normal person may think he was traded, which he was.  But not just once.

Wednesday at 10:19 a.m. Ridnour was traded from Orlando to the Memphis Grizzlies.  He would stay a Grizzly for less than a day.

At 8:47 this morning, Memphis traded Ridnour to the Charlotte Hornets.  This would last for less than the time of a cross-country flight.

At 11:33 a.m. the Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Ridnour from Charlotte.  Completing probably one of the oddest, most stressful days a professional athlete can endure.

No word on how long OKC plans to keep Ridnour, we'll have to wait and see.